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Creative Direction :: Front-End Design :: Mobile UI/UX

The client wanted a fashion app for millennials. A hub for users to build their virtual closet and share it with their friends. Users can track the clothes their friends are buying or interested in. Shop sales right from their Newsfeed. Search for new people to follow or items to add to your virtual closet.


From the start of this project, the biggest concern was making sense of the user flow. Users must be able to understand how to create outfits, share those outfits & items with friends, follow bloggers and other users, and also shop directly from the app via affiliate partners.

early sketch of th app sitemap

Understanding all the screens a user could potentially see and interact with was vital when forming the content architecture of the app.

Here is an early sketch of my initial attempts to understand the information architecture of the app.

Lo-fi Mockups

wireframe of the app signup screen
wireframe of a user profile witin the app
wireframe of the save outfit screen
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