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Print & Illustration

Creative Direction :: Design

This is a mix of client and personal design projects. Including posters, and infographics. 


While under contract with the wellness company, ADURO, I had the opportunity to work on a few posters to promote internal outings and events.

Company culture is integral to their success and they certainly do it well. I greatly appreciated the chance to cultivate that culture by giving these events

a unique look & feel.

ADURO Poster
Custom Poster Design
New Year Sketch
Educated Rooster Infographic about self motivation
Find It Parts Infographic
Educated Rooster Infographic about the imprtance of  college degree


Early in my design career, I had a focus on Illustration and these are a few from my agency days.

Educated Rooster is an online platform offering curriculum specifically to adults seeking to return to college, with online courses.

FinditParts is an online distributor of heavy duty truck parts.

Each of these pieces was used for brand awareness and to show the brands as subject matter experts in their respective fields.

I have always been fond of concert posters. There has never been a shortage of amazing Illustrators that amaze and inspire me with their work.

While still in art school, I decided to give myself the project of designing a concert poster. I looked for a show that was at least 3 months out and got started. I even had the idea of doing some guerrilla marketing and pasting the finished poster around town. I never got around to that part, but I was able to complete the project and end up with something I actually enjoyed!

Vampire Weekend poster
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